Me canoeing

Taos Bus Trip - February 2003

Me hiking

Snow in the forest

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The Dallas Sierra Club organizes an annual bus trip to Taos, New Mexico each February over the Valentines Day weekend.  The 2003 trip was one of the best so far, except for uncooperative weather high in the mountains.  Our chartered sleeper bus arrived in Taos on Saturday, February 15.  The participants broke up into 5 prearranged groups.  The easiest group stayed in a lodge and did sightseeing and day hiking in and around the Taos area.   The next two groups stayed in the lodge and did some combination of day hiking, sightseeing, and snowshoeing.  Groups 4 and 5 backpacked (on snowshoes) into the mountains and camped in the snow.  Group 5's objective was to climb Wheeler Peak, the tallest mountain in New Mexico at 13,161 feet.  Unfortunately, a foot of new snow and windy conditions thwarted the attempt.