Me canoeing

Sangre de Cristo Bus Trip - July 2007

Me hiking
Perfect Kiva Ruins in Bullet Canyon

Panorama from the top of Colony Baldy

Trip pictures are HERE.

This year, the Dallas Sierra Club's Fourth of July bus trip went to the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness in Colorado. This was our first 5-day bus trip in many years and it was a huge success. The extra day (we usually do this trip in 4 days) gave all of the groups a chance to camp at a lower altitude and gave everyone a little more time to get acclimated to the thin air. The trip left Dallas on June 29. Our hikes started on Saturday morning, June 30 and ended early in the afternoon of July 4. Our bus got back to Dallas early on Thursday, July 5.

I led trip 2. We started out at the Horn Creek Ranch trailhead. The first day, Saturday, we backpacked a short distance from the trailhead to a reasonably good campsite near the intersection of the Rainbow Trail and the Horn Lakes Trail. After we set up camp, we day hiked up to the small, lower, Horn Lakes. Unfortunately, we did not have time to really explore the lakes. It was after 6 before we got back to camp.

Sunday, we got up and broke camp for the easy hike to our campsite a short way up the Macey Lakes Trail. I could not find a good camp site where I wanted to, so we settled for a nice site about 10 minutes up from the Rainbow Trail. I had hoped to camp a bit further up the trail. We hiked several extra miles looking for a site.

On Monday, we day hiked up to Macey Lakes with a couple of stops along the way to enjoy some meadows and Macey Falls. We had lunch and relaxed at lower Macey Lake. We then went up to check out the middle Macey Lake. The map shows a trail to the lake, but it was faint and overgrown. We had to fight our way through thick vegetation to get to the lake. We were running out of time, so we did not visit the upper lake.

Tuesday was our big mountain climbing day. We got an early start at about 7:30. Four of us managed to get to the top of Colony Baldy at about 12:30. Colony Baldy is 13,705 feet tall. The weather was great and so were the views. We did not get back to camp until 5:30.

Our last day, Wednesday, was an easy 4-mile backpack back down to the Horn Creek trailhead. After we got all the groups back on the bus, we headed for Raton for dinner and then back to Dallas.