Me canoeing

Ozark Highlands Trail Backpack Trip - 2006

Me hiking

Waterfalls on Haw Creek
Falls on Haw Creek at the Haw Creek Campground.

Click HERE to see a bunch of pictures from the trip. 

The pictures here are from a Dallas Sierra Club backpacking trip on the Ozark Highlands Trail.  The trip took place over the Easter weekend - April 14-16, 2006.  We started at Haw Creek Campground on Highway 123 and hiked east, ending at Fairview Campground on Highway 7.  The total distance hiked was about 21 miles.

The section we hiked is described in Section 6 of Ozark Highlands Trail Guide - Fourth Edition by Tim Ernst.

We had a great group and a great hike.  The only negative was unseasonably warm weather - at least 15 degrees above normal.