Me canoeing

Grand Gulch Backpack Trip - April 2007

Me hiking
Perfect Kiva Ruins in Bullet Canyon

Pictographs on the Green Mask Panel


Click here to see pictures from a Sierra Club National Outing to Grand Gulch in southeastern Utah. Special thanks go to David, Daniel, Jay, and Paul for letting me use some of their photos.

The trip was led by David Van Winkle, April 8 through April 14. This trip was my first as a leader on a National trip.

Here is a very brief description of the trip:

Saturday, April 7 – David and I drove to the Kane Gulch Ranger Station and picked up our permit. We then checked out the Collins Canyon trailhead before heading to our motel room in Blanding. That evening, we met most of the participants in the outing and distributed the commissary.

Sunday, April 8 – We met the whole group at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station. We left a couple of cars, loaded everyone into the remaining cars, and drove to the Collins trail head. After the obligatory group picture, we started our 7 day adventure. We hiked the short distance down Collins Canyon to Grand Gulch and set up camp. After having lunch and relaxing a bit, we explored Collins Rincon and The Narrows, which are just down stream from our camp.

Monday, April 9 – Hiked up Grand Gulch with stops to explore Bannister Ruin, Round House Ruin and some of the other sites along this section of the canyon. We stopped for the night near Polly’s Island.

Tuesday, April 10 – After packing up, we backpacked a short distance to the upper end of Polly’s Island and then dropped our packs and explored the ruins and pictographs in the rincon. Our next stop was Big Man Panel, followed by Long House Ruin and several pictograph panels. We stopped for the night near Dripping Canyon.

Wednesday, April 11 – Hiked to Step Canyon to visit Quail Panel. Following lunch we visited Two Story Ruin, which is just up Grand Gulch from Step Canyon. Next up was a visit to Green House Ruin. This ruin requires a bit of a climb, but it is worth it to see the green designs painted on it. We made camp at the junction of Bullet Canyon and Grand Gulch.

Thursday, April 12 – This was our layover / dayhike day. We hiked up Bullet canyon and visited Jail House Ruin and Perfect Kiva Ruin. After returning to our campsite, some of us visited Rincon Ruin, which is a little way up Grand Gulch from Bullet.

Friday, April 13 – On the trail again up Grand Gulch, we visited Green Mask Spring Panel, Split Level Ruin and Lion Track Ruin, before making camp just inside the mouth of Todie Canyon.

Saturday, April 14 – Our last day. We visited Sheep on Bicycle Site, Turkey Pen Ruin and Junction Ruin before hiking out Kane Gulch to the trailhead at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station. After retrieving our cars from the Collins Canyon trailhead, we bid our good-bys and headed to Blanding for showers and pizza.