Me canoeing

Grand Gulch Backpack Trip - May 2006

Me hiking
Perfect Kiva Ruins in Bullet Canyon

Perfect Kiva Ruins in Bullet Canyon.


Click HERE to see pictures from a Dallas Sierra Club trip to Grand Gulch in Utah.

The trip took place May 21-24, 2006.  Trip participants were: me, David Van Winkle (our leader), David Rowley, Frank Korman, Art Johnson, Ann Rowe, Bill Beach, Dick Poindexter, and Jerry Lewis.

Here is a very abbreviated description of what we did:

Sunday, May 21 After breakfast in Blanding, we drove to the Kane Gulch Ranger Station to pick up our permit (David had reserved it ahead of time). BLM built a new ranger station/visitor center and restroom since I was last there in 2001. The ranger station looked finished buy some other work was not yet complete. All of their electricity is from solar panels. We left one car at Kane and drove everyone to the Bullet Canyon trailhead. We were on the trail by about 9:20. The trail down into canyon was fairly easy buy had a few steep sections. On the way to our campsite we checked out Perfect Kiva Ruins and Jailhouse Ruins. We camped at a nice spot at the mouth of Bullet Canyon.

Monday, May 22 We had a warm night. We were on the trail at 8:15 for a long dayhike down Grand Gulch. We visited Green House Ruins, then it was down to Step Canyon and a visit to Two Story Ruins and Quail Panel. We got back to camp at about 4:30. It was very windy and looked like it might rain, but it never did.

Tuesday, May 23 Up a little after 6:00 and on the trail at 8:10 heading up Grand Gulch. We visited several very nice panels and ruins, including Split Level Ruins and Green Mast Panel. Ended at a nice campsite at mouth of Todie Canyon at about 4:30. There was a spring with nice water about 10 minutes up Todie. The weather was clear with light wind and reasonable temperatures.

Wednesday, May 24 On the trail a little after 8:00 again. We checked out some panels and ruins as we hike up Grand Gulch and then out Kane Gulch.  We arrived at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station at about 2:45. After retrieving the cars from Bullet, we all headed back to Blanding for showers and dinner.